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Thoughts, Peace and Strength


Man thinks of sensual objects and gets attached to them. He thinks that fruits are very good for the body. He exerts to possess them. Then he actually possesses and enjoys them. He now clings to the fruits. He develops a habit of taking fruits now and when he fails to obtain them any day, he gets pain.

From thinking comes attachment; from attachment desire is born; from desire proceeds anger, anger arises when desire is frustrated by some cause or the other; from anger arises delusion; from delusion, failure of memory; from failure of memory, loss of intellect; from loss of intellect man is totally ruined. If you want to attain everlasting peace, do not think of objects, but think always of the immortal blissful Atman alone.

Desires by themselves are harmless. They are galvanized by the power of thought. Then only they do much havoc.

Fewer the desires, lesser the thoughts. Become absolutely desire less. The wheel of mind will stop entirely. If you reduce your wants, if you do not try to fulfill your desires, if you try to eradicate your desires one by one, your thoughts will diminish in frequency and length. The number of thoughts also per minute will diminish.

Fewer the thoughts, greater the peace. Remember this always. A wealthy man who is engaged in speculation in a big city and who has a large number of thoughts has a restless mind in spite of his comforts, whereas a Sadhu who lives in the cave of the Himalayas and who is practicing thought-control is very happy in spite of his poverty.

Fewer the thoughts, greater the mental strength and concentration. Suppose that the average number of thoughts that pass through your brain within one hour is one hundred. If you succeed in reducing it, by constant practice of concentration and meditation, to ninety, you have gained ten per cent of the power of concentration of mind.

Every thought that is reduced adds strength and peace to the mind. Reduction of even one thought will give mental strength and peace of mind. If you reduce one thought, the mental strength that you have gained by this reduction will help you to reduce the second thought easily.

Book Reference: Thought Power by Sri Swami Sivananda

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