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Five Bodies and Eight Vargnas

An image illustrating the soul body of light.
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A liberated soul does not have a material body, mind, speech, and does not breathe. The soul is totally free from all karmas.  It merely exists in Moksha in the permanent blissful state.

As far as a worldly soul is concerned it possesses a material body along with some other types of bodies.  These bodies are made up from different types of varganas (matters).  Jainism explains that eight types of vargana exist in the universe.  Every space in the universe is filled with these vargana.  When five of the eight vargana when attach to the worldly soul they create five different bodies.  The remaining three vargana provide three different functions to the material body.
The eight Vargnas (matters) are:
Audaric vargana  -  creates the physical body of the living being
Tejas vargana  -  creates the Tejas body to the living being which provides heat and digestion power to the audaric body.
Karman vargana  - creates Karmic or Causal body 
Aharac vargana   - creates Aharac body, which is very small in size and is possessed by some unique soul  
Vaikriya vargana - creates Vaikriya body, which can be converted into very small or large in size
Breathing vargana- provides breathing
Mind vargana     - provides mind for thinking
Speech vargana   - provides speech
Source : Complied by Pravin K. Shah,  Jain Study Center of North Carolina

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